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4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Next Salon Home/Stylist!

Updated: May 2, 2021

We all know that finding a new salon home and stylist can be super stressful. With Natural Hair becoming more popular and widely excepted, women are wanting to get back into the salon to pamper themselves and make "wash day" no more. This pandemic has had everyone home trying to maintain their hair themselves the best they can. Whether the "Slap", satin bonnet or the go-to bun has gotten you through this past year, it's time to get some help for those tresses. But where do you begin??

1. Get Referrals...

Whether it's social media, a best friend, or the woman you bumped into at the market, we tend to trust the work of someone when we see the finished product. We've all been somewhere and have either given or received a compliment on our hair and want to know exactly who did it and if they're taking new clients. This is usually the first point of contact we have with a new salon or stylist. Get a feel for the existing clientele and salon atmosphere by scrolling through the salon's Instagram or Facebook page to see if it might be a good fit.

2. Research online/Check the Salon Website...

Discover what type of environment you could potentially be walking into by doing a Google search to see if they have a legit website. The website should be up to date and accurate. You should be able to see some type of gallery, service menu/pricing, and briefly read through the salon's policies. Look for a salon/stylist that specializes in the service and style you want and make sure the stylist has the credentials and experience you are looking for. Can you schedule your appointment online? This will save a lot of time and it takes the hassle out of playing phone tag. Look for a service menu or pricing page, this will tell you if the salon fits your budget. It's also great if they offer more than just hair services like waxing or nails. This gives you a "one stop shop" vibe. Doing a little bit of research online is a great starting point for choosing your next salon home/stylist.

3.Call the salon...

The stylist or staff member should answer the phone professionally, with a friendly tone and greet you properly. They should sound and be helpful, patient and willing to answer any questions you may have. Are they warm and welcoming? Did they take the time to talk to you? Ask who is the busiest or most experienced stylist. If it's a solo stylist salon/suite check to see how full their book is. If their online schedule is completely full, it's a good chance that they are really good and their clients rarely cancel. This could mean you might want to schedule a consultation first just to get on their schedule. Be diligent and persistent if you really liked what you saw on their social media pages and website. It's also good to go ahead and get on a cancellation or waitlist. This might seem crazy or extreme but for those last minute cancellations, the stylist will be looking for someone to fill that slot rather than wait around doing nothing (not making any money) for hours. So reach out so they know that you are really interested.

4. Knowing the importance of a Consultation...

This is really your first step in finding a good salon home/stylist. This should be a "stand alone" appointment to allow enough time for the client and stylist to get to know one another. The salon should be clean and tidy when you enter. The staff/stylist should greet you when you walk in and make you feel welcomed. A consultation should consist of an introduction of sorts, client and stylist getting to know one another. The stylist should analyze your hair and scalp and know exactly what to look for and assess. Information should be gathered from the client and kept for record keeping and you should go over what styles or hair color you want. The stylist should walk you through what your experience will be like when you have a full service appointment and answer any and all questions you might have. This is your opportunity to see if you mesh well together. Communication is key during the consultation. The stylist should be asking open-ended questions so they are clear on your expectations and if they can accommodate your needs. Don't be afraid to ask what the stylist specializes in, how long they have been doing hair, or if they feel comfortable working with your hair type and texture. Do they only do Locs? If they do natural hair, does that mean they only do Blowouts? Can they style your hair wet or dry? Are they good at cutting hair? Do they provide haircare services as well, such as treatments? These would be important questions to ask so you know what to expect and there are no surprises. The stylist should be able to give you a more accurate price quote and an expected length of time that the full service would take. The consultation is crucial and you should leave feeling confident and sure of whether or not you want to move forward.

We hope these tips help you find and choose the right salon home/stylist for you. Remember, even if someone else's hair is fabulous, that doesn't mean the salon or stylist/colorist is the right fit for you and your needs. It can be exhausting trying to find the right place for you, with all that's out there to pick from. Not all salons/stylists will meet your expectations or needs, and that's ok! There is a salon home/stylist out there for everyone...

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