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Hello Beautiful!

I'm Azareah
(pronounced: az-uh-ree-uh)

Specializing in microlocks, traditional locs, designer flat twists, mini twists, and holistic hair/scalp care. 

I am the creative mind and visionary behind Holistic Hair Sanctuary and I am so excited to welcome you.  If you love to talk movies, music, culture, know where to find the best food in the DMV and don’t mind a little British TV then I can’t wait to spend some time with you.

“It is my belief that OUR hair is beautiful and should be healthy and nourished. I pride myself in helping my guests grow and maintain healthy hair by creating customized hair care regimens to address their unique needs and lifestyles. Hair is the canvas and I am the artist. Let me adorn you.”

I became a professional stylist once I accepted that it was my path to take. I saw that something was missing within natural hair salons and clients weren’t truly embracing their natural textures. Women, especially, were losing their hair while trying to cover it up with cute styles, using products with harsh chemicals, and not truly loving or embracing their natural hair. I wanted to be the exception to what was considered a "typical salon experience". So I strive to create a space where my guests feel safe, empowered, and their hair can be loved on. 

Believe it or not, I’ve never had a relaxer. Nope, not ever! So believe me when I say with confidence, “kinky, coily, curly hair is NOT nappy, it’s BEAUTIFUL” . So let’s get started on embracing your natural hair journey together. 

I begin my days with chai lattes and daily affirmations. When I’m not behind the chair you can find me with my two daughters either at ballet, at our local Michael's buying art supplies. I love hanging out at home watching movies with my fur babies, Raven and Rafiki. I’m a #FlyNerd who geeks out over books, puzzles, murder mysteries, musicals, SciFi, anime and trivia games. Oh, and I’m totally obsessed with one-of-a-kind custom earrings! 

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