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Holistic Hair Services

Welcome to Holistic Hair Sanctuary – the best black-owned and woman-owned hair salon around! We specialize in locs, natural hair, holistic hair and scalp care, and coloring services, all through a safe and inclusive space. In my private boutique salon I offer customized services tailored to the client's individual needs, and the online booking makes it easy to schedule an appointment. Come experience why Holistic Hair Sanctuary is the top choice in natural hair care services!

Consultations $50+

I offer a complimentary 15-minute virtual consultation for all new guests. This provides a convenient way to get acquainted with myself and the salon. During the consultation, we'll discuss your needs and expectations. Additionally I provide an in-person meet and greet to ensure the perfect fit for your salon home.


The Microlocks Experience

-includes pre-cleanse treatment, hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and scalp massage.

Installation $850+

Microlock Retie $200+ (up to 4hrs; additional $35 every hour after)

Microlock Styles $30+


Custom Cuts

-hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and curl definition included.

Big Chop $150

Curly Cut (Rezo Cut) $140+

Tapered Curly Cut $100+

Hair Shaping for Locs $75+

Queen's Clipper Cut $50

Trim/Dusting $30

Fashionable Short Hair

Treatments and Head Spa Services

-customized for each guest's specific needs and concerns. Styles are an additional cost*

Hair and Scalp Analysis w/Microscope $150

Hair and Scalp Detox w/Oway $120

Hair Restoration w/Oway $120

Scalp Balancing w/Oway $120

Loc ACV Detox $50

Hydrating Mask w/Steam Treatment $45

Scalp Exfoliation/Dermabrasion $50

Deep Condition $25

The Loc Experience

-Grooming includes pre-cleanse treatment, hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and scalp massage.

Loc Cultivation/Starter Locs $200+

Loc Grooming/Re-twist $120+

Loc Retwist w/Mohawk or Undercut $85+

Interlocking $150+

Loc Pruning $50+

Loc Repair $40+

Loc Styling $25+


Custom Color

-Consultation required to determine client expectations, custom color service, and exact pricing. Hair bath, gloss and color treatment included in all color services.

Custom Coloring for Natural Hair $100+

Custom Coloring for Locs $200+

Vivids/Fashion Color $150+

Gray Coverage/Blending $85+

Woman with Curly Hair and Sunglasses
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