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Holistic Hair Services

I believe in and strive for equitable pricing for all guests and services. Pricing is based on the time needed to perform each service as well as the intricacy of the desired style. Services and prices listed below are a preview of the many services I offer. Prices are subject to increase based on the guests’ individual needs, additional time or customized product. If you are a new guest, please be sure to check our New Guest Service page for more information. By booking an appointment, you are agreeing to the salon's policies*.

Consultations $50+

Required for all new guests and can be virtual or in-person. This is a time to "meet and greet", assess your needs and expectations, recommend styles and products, and ultimately decide if we are a good fit for each other. 



-includes pre-shampoo treatment, hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and scalp massage.

Installation $750+

Microlock Retie $175+ (up to 4hrs)

Microlock Styles $30+



-hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and curl definition included.

Big Chop $150

Curly Cut (Rezo Cut) $140+

Tapered Curly Cut $100+

Hair Shaping for Locs $75+

Queen's Clipper Cut $50

Trim/Dusting $50

Fashionable Short Hair

Treatments and Trichology Services

-customized for each guest's specific needs and concerns. Styles are an additional cost*

Hair and Scalp Analysis w/Microscope $150

Hair and Scalp Detox $120

Hair Restoration $120

Scalp Balancing $120

Loc Detox $50

Hydrating Mask w/Steam Treatment $45

Scalp Exfoliation/Dermabrasion $50

Deep Condition $25

Traditional Locs

-Grooming includes pre-shampoo treatment, hair bath (shampoo and conditioner), leave-in moisturizer, and scalp massage.

Loc Cultivation/Starter Locs $200+

Loc Grooming/Re-twist $100+

Interlocking $150+

Loc Pruning $50+

Loc Repair $40+

Loc Styling $25+



-Consultation required to determine client expectations, custom color service, and exact pricing. Hair bath and color treatment included in all color services.

Custom Coloring for Natural Hair $100+

Custom Coloring for Locs $200+

Vivids/Fashion Color $150+

Gray Coverage/Blending $85+

Woman with Curly Hair and Sunglasses
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