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Thinking about starting your Loc journey with Microlocks?

I am proud to offer both interlocking and micro two-strand twists of various sizes to meet the desired appearance for your Microlocks. 

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What are Microlocks?

Microlocks are tiny locks that are cultivated using the interlocking method and a tool (interlocking tool/latch hook).

Are Microlocks and Sisterlocks™ the same?

No. Sisterlocks ™ are a trademarked technique that uses a specialized tool and installed by a certified consultant on a specific parting grid. Microlocks can be parted various ways including but not limited to the traditional grid parting style. Microlocks can also be started by twisting, braiding, or interlocking the hair. 

What is the process to install Microlocks?

The Microlock Installation service is broken up into three separate appointments: Consultation, Installation, and Follow-up appointments. During the consultation a hair and scalp analysis will be done, an assessment of the condition/overall health of the hair will be examined. Desired size and parting will be discussed as well as which microlock foundation would work best for the client's lifestyle and budget. If it is determined that the client's hair and scalp are in a healthy enough condition, 6-9 test locs will be installed. The client should keep the test microlocks in for a few weeks to see how they settle and stay in. If the client would like to move forward, an installation appointment will be scheduled and a deposit will be due. The consultation fee and deposit are separate, however both will be applied to the installation appointment. After microlocks are installed and home care instructions are given, a follow-up appointment will be made. During that time, hair will be cleansed, initial retie (using interlocking method) will be done, and a regimen and re-tightening schedule will be determined. 

What is the cost of Microlocks?

The initial investment for Microlocks can vary depending on the estimated time it will take to install, the length and density of the hair as well as the desired size (x-small/small, medium, or large), and foundation technique (mini two-strands or interlocking). Pricing for interlocking foundation starts at $1000 for 4+ inches of stretched hair and for a mini 2-strand foundation $850 for 4 inches of stretched hair. Pricing will increase for additional length and size of locs, as well as expected time it will take for installation. We do not offer an extension service at this time.  **All pricing is determined during the consultation (quotes will not be given over the phone). 

How long does an installation take?

An installation can be done in 1 day or up to 3 days (10 to 32 hours) depending on desired size and foundation technique. 

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