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Covid - 19 Preparation Plan

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe

In addition to the State of Maryland's rules, our additional salon protocol will be (but not limited to) as follows: 

Mask wearing is currently optional

We will wash our hands after completing each guest's service and any time we exit and re-enter the salon suite. 

We will provide hand sanitizer at each station.  

We will keep the suite at a maximum of four people including stylists with 6 feet of social distancing.

We will disinfect every salon surface, including door handles, chairs, shampoo bowl, and stations between all guests' appointments.

We will disinfect and sanitize our capes and tools after every guest's salon service. 

Towels and capes will be washed daily with laundry sanitizer and/or bleach. 

If we are sick or not feeling well we will reach out to our guests to reschedule their appointments with notice (if possible). 
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