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Holistic Hair & Scalp Restoration

Are you ready to heal from scalp issues and grow healthier hair?

If you have been suffering from the discomforts of dry, itchy or flaky scalp, excessive shedding, thinning or balding, even yeast on the scalp that's causing your hair to grow slow, I'm here to tell you there is a remedy. Using a holistic approach, I aim to soothe the discomfort you have been experiencing and work with you to create a healthy environment to promote optimal hair growth. 


I am excited to announce that I am currently a candidate to receive my Trichology Certification under the training of Dr. Kari Williams and will be applying for acceptance under the Board of Drug-less Practitioners. 

I am truly dedicated to getting to the "root" cause of your hair loss and coming up with a comprehensive, holistic plan to restore hair and scalp health. I create a custom treatment plan specific to your hair loss and scalp needs. During your consultation you can expect to complete a detailed form that includes medical and family health history. I will use a trichoscope in order to capture microscopic photos to assess the condition and health of your scalp. We will review your daily activities and lifestyle as well as discuss nutrition and diet, as these all have an impact on your hair loss or scalp condition. I offer several hair/scalp restoration services that are designed to promote healthy hair growth, each individual is unique and will respond to treatment differently. Success during and after treatment is dependent on your dedication and commitment to at-home care. You must follow any and all post-treatment instructions and recommendations. 

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What is Trichology?

Trichology is the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice that is specifically concerned with hair and scalp issues.

What is a trichoscope?

A trichoscope is a digital microscope designed to analyze the hair and scalp at a magnified level in order to see what the naked eye is unable to see or to get a larger view of what is visible on the hair and scalp. 

What is Holistic Hair/Scalp Restoration?

I use a holistic approach in all of my salon services. Holistic meaning I consider lifestyle, nutrition, emotional/psychological and internal and external factors that effect hair growth and scalp health. If the hair has been damaged, slow to grow, or you are having scalp issues/discomfort, I use customized regimens to restore the natural balance of your scalp to promote growth and repair damaged hair. 

What services are offered for Hair/Scalp Restoration?

I currently offer the following services: 


  • Trichoscope Analysis - the use of a microscope to get a better look at the condition of the scalp and hair shaft.

  • Alleviating dandruff and itchy Scalp

  • Heal Hair Breakage

  • Support Nutrition & Diet as aiding in healthy hair

  • In-Salon Hair and Scalp Treatments

  • Personalized Regimens for at home care

  • Product Education

  • Help to restore growth from non-scarring alopecia

How long is the initial consultation and what should I expect?

The initial consultation typically takes about 90 minutes or so. During your consultation you will complete a detailed history of your health and hair concerns. Together we will look at your scalp using a trichoscope to get an idea of what could be going on. A thorough analysis of findings will be sent via email within 48-72 hours after the consultation. A treatment plan will be discussed and hair care regimen along with product recommendations will be given in a detailed report.

When should I see a dermatologist?

A referral for a dermatologist may be given if the condition of the scalp is out of my scope of practice. Usually this is because there are treatments needed that a medical doctor has to perform or a prescription might be needed. Dermatologists are able to diagnose and treat a broader scope of problems that might be going on. 

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